Accueil Education Logging into Tactileo

Logging into Tactileo

As a user of the Tactileo platform, you will firstly need to learn how to log in.

Which platform are you on, Tactileo Edu or Tactileo Pro?

The choice of the platform depends on your level of education :

How to access Tactileo?

How to log in ? you will need the following :

The first info you need to provide us is a A Structure Name 

(Academic Institution / IAU Number; Company)

Then you will be asked for An ID and a password.

You will be either redirected to the training management environment (LMS) or to the training broadcast platform, depending on whether you are a trainer / teacher or a pupil / trainee 

trainer / teacher  Environment
student / intern Environment


What can you do with Tactileo?

Tactileo is a Digital Learning platform on the cutting edge of innovation with multiple functions that enables you to:

We hope that this introduction was instructive. If you want to know more about Tactileo you can either follow the links in the text or explore our website.