Accueil Education How to create educational resources on Tactileo ?

How to create educational resources on Tactileo ?

In order to create an educational training in Tactileo, you will have to create or to re-use educational resources and then to organize them in a way to ensure the most efficient learning.

The basics of content editing relies on Tactileo elements. The management of educational resources is based on the modules, Paths and collections of Tactileo.

The granularity of educational resources

Tactileo draws on a well-defined hierarchy of educational resources, the smallest resources being constituent elements to larger ones.

Here are the educational resources classified by ascending order of granularity:

Grain => Element => Module => Path => Collection

A quick description of Tactileo resources

The grain is definitly the smallest resource in Tactileo, it basically represents any unitary record of media in the platform database. It can be an image, a video, a 3D object, a text file etc … The notion of grain will allow to record the traces of use of the indexed media, allowing you to know when, by whom and how many times a media has been used by a student / trainee.

The element allows the display of a page in Tactileo. According to the type of element chosen it is possible to display some information (videos, web page, document …), or to use it to offer various exercises (cloze test, image captionning, group / connect / order items etc …). It also allows editing of content and illustration.

The module is either a succession of elements placed one behind the other, or can be conditional if the changeover to another element is done according to the previous achievement of an defined objective.

The path is a set of modules that are organized in stages. It basically is used to structure the skills to be acquired throughout the training.

The collection is a package of resources (grains, modules, courses) that allows to offer a global access by theme, level, publisher or any other useful clustering.

How to create or revise content ?

Editable educational content is handled through Tactileo elements. The creation or revision of elements takes place within the modules.

To create or revise your content:

1. Create a module or edit an existing module – See the tutorial

2. See how to add a multimedia page – See the tutorial

How to structure the training?

In Tactileo the trainings are structured through three hierarchical levels.

The module eases the arrangement of the educational content as web pages and of their order of appearance.

The course allows to arrange the order of different modules. The steps permits to group modules within a path and to condition the access to the next step according to the closing of the previous step.

Collections have an administrative function that enables the administrator to easily give rights to a package of educational resources.